DISSECT: Distributed Sensors, Effectors and Computers Team

Team DISSECT is the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) team at Rice headed by Ray Simar. The team’s first challenge was to develop a golf putter that would provide feedback to the golfer, so that they can learn to precisely control the magnitude of force that they apply to the golf ball.

The game of golf has existed in its modern form since the 15th century…and one club stands alone: the putter. About half of the shots in golf are made with the putter. Putting is not easy – the putter swings slowly, and with a very light force. It is incredibly challenging and frustrating. Even professional golfers often miss short putts.


DISSECT Team History:

First Generation: Jedi Putter, 2014

This senior team, comprised of 1 MechE major and 4 ECE majors, developed several prototypes showing ability to detect motion and provide some auditory and haptic feedback.

Second Generation: Sith Putter, 2015

This senior team, comprised of 1 MechE major and 4 ECE majors, improved on the Jedi Putter to create a more powerful system with a much more challenging form factor.

Third Generation: Autonomous Motorcycle, 2016

The goal of this project is to make a semi-autonomous two-wheeled vehicle. The vehicle needs to remain upright and maneuverable at low speeds as well as speeds up to 30 mph. It must also successfully navigate through a predetermined course without any human control. This task will be completed using advanced feedback control, gyroscopic principles, and a range of precise sensors.